Castillo de Layos is a full time family-run business. Born in 1985 and based on the structure of traditional American Camps, we thought of an ideal model that creates great experiences for children in different parts of the world. For the younger ones, life at the Camp is a golden opportunity for personal development. Children learn to be self-sufficient even in the most basic things such as getting dressed, eating or just being clean and tidy. This is achieved alongside others who are in the same situation, allowing everyone to gain autonomy and discipline in a natural way. For the older ones, it is an opportunity to make new friends and take on new challenges and adventures. The arrival of campers from all over the world enriches our programmes and prepares each individual for the globalised environment we live in.

Learning a new sport, taking on the adventure of doing something new, the joy of a simple lifestyle and learning the value of generosity are all traits that our children take back home with them. This allows them to grow as people and to become conscious of their unique potential.

Today more than ever, we believe in the effectiveness of our work. Layos Camp is a project worth living and working for.



    The leading role of sport in most of our programmes allows our philosophy to be geared towards sportsmanship and its values: solidarity, respect, challenges to overcome and teamwork. We strive to promote a love of nature and sports, without forgetting the creative side of life, encouraging students to become involved in theatre, music, art and cultural excursions.

  • AGES 6 to 23

    Our camps are divided into three diferent age groups so that campers participate in sports, games and activities with peers of their same age.


    In all our centres, we prepare the food with products of the highest quality. We design menus especially thought out for children, a healthy and balanced diet that will keep their batteries charged throughout the day. We also offer a variety of options for children with food intolerances, allergies, or special diets.


    All of the camps are less than 5 minutes to a medical center, and 10 minutes to a hospital. A licensed lifeguard and a graduate in medicine are in charge of the infirmary and the daily care of the children.

    In case of an accident, all of the children are covered by insurance. Children will be required to bring a photocopy of their Social Security Card or private insurance policy.

    Foreigners will need to have a travellers insurance that will be provided by Layos Camp, it can be purchased at €50 for Europeans and €100 for non-Europeans.


    We include incoming and outgoing transportation from Madrid to the camp for all our programmes. We meet the parents at a specific location and the children always travel with counsellors.

    Layos Camp offers a pick-up and drop-off service at the airport or station for children who are travelling from abroad, with the price to be specified with the office depending on the schedule. We always need the full information on both arrival and departure times.


    It is required to use the camp’s uniform, three t-shirts, three shorts, three pairs of socks, and a sweatshirt. The cost of the full uniform is €100. For the Juniors (13 to 17 years old) and in the Layos Camp Tarifa and Layos Camp Comillas it is mandatory to use the three t-shirts, the three pairs of socks, and the sweatshirt, and every child must bring their own shorts. €70 uniform for Juniors.

    Of course, we allow uniforms from other years or from old students. Every separate garment costs €15. The uniform must be ordered at least two weeks before the start of the program.


    You can talk to your children from the third full day of the camp, calling the specified telephone number during the times indicated. It is permitted to use mobile phones during the same schedule, for the rest of the time the counsellor will keep them in their lockers.


    You can sign up directly on, through the SIGN UP tab. Once we have received the reservation, we will process the data and send you the information regarding the first payment. Reservations will only be valid with the information mentioned above.

    Payment can be made via bank transfer or you can request a meeting at our office to pay in cash. As the camping date draws nearer, we will send you all the practical information, dates, departure schedule, what to pack and any other essential detail.


Our job is to find the best program that best suits your child. Centres are rigorously selected to guarantee an enjoyable and enriching experience.

We work in both a serious and professional manner; there will always be a person from Layos Camp supervising all the students.



    From 8 to 16 years old. We offer programmes of total immersion in English alongside local students, to provide an optimal learning environment.


    For students aged 16 years and over, our project takes place in the region of Sapa. Located 300km from the capital, Hanoi, in the province of Lao-Cai, northern Vietnam. The Black Hmong ethnic group we work with, migrated from southern China in the 18th century and settled in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Contact us to find out more about the experience.


    For students aged 18 years and over, this work experience is designed for those looking to gain experience in one of the best logistics companies in Asia, combined with a specialized course in "Supply Chain Management".


    For all ages, it provides a complete selection of schools in which your child will learn the desired language in a natural way through a total immersion in the culture and coexistence with local students. Programs are available for both the full school year or for a semester only.

Easter Holiday and May Bank Holiday

Easter is a good time to come to Layos Camp. A multiple activities program in which your child can enjoy the good weather and nature while participating in sports in our Toledo facilities can be a great holiday option. Campers will have fun while learning new skills and experiencing life in Spain.

During the May bank holiday we offer a riding course combined with multiple activities options. For more information contact the office.

Activities: horseback riding, tennis, chess, soccer, paddle, golf, art, hockey, fencing, climbing, basketball, theater, yoga, cooking and so much more. We also have an outdoor park and plan expeditions to the woods so that the children can learn to enjoy the outdoors and bond over camp fires.