Layos Camp Comillas


Surfing is growing in popularity among children and adults all over the world. Not only is the sport fun, it also promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides ample opportunity to build confidence and a great sense of accomplishment. In surfing, a deep sense of responsibility and respect towards nature is crucial.

Located in Comillas (Cantabria) very close to the beaches of Gerra and Oyambre, our students will live in the heart of the Natural Park "Las Dunas de Oyambre”. We have reserved comfortable accommodation in a “casa rural” that has all the essential amenities. With the peaks of Europe providing the backdrop, this beautiful location offers both mountains and sea. Along with an qualified team of counsellors, good equipment and excellent instructors, Layos Camp creates the perfect surf experience.

Working in collaboration with the top surf school “H20”, our team will ensure that students have an unforgettable time. Children will be monitored by our staff all day and will receive 20 hours of surf instruction. At times when they are not conquering the waves, children will enjoy other activities such as adventure sports and cultural excursions.


  • Sports

    • Paddle surfing
    • Beach volleyball
    • Yoga
    • Rock climbing
    • Speleology
    • Kayaking
  • Art

    • Music
    • Cooking
    • Drama
  • Adventure

    • Speleology
    • Via ferrata
  • Evening entertainment and free time

    • Talent show
    • Bbqs

Extra activities

Spanish 200€

For those who wish to improve their language skills in a more formal setting or would like to sign up for private instruction in Spanish, additional classes may be arranged. Lessons are available in package of 6 and will take place during the free time or rest period.

Descent of Pirguas

  • Surf

  • Volleyball

  • Surf