Layos Camp New York


Open for campers from 8 to 16 years old looking for an interesting experience abroad.

An experience at an international camp is not only enriching on a personal level but also an investment for the future as languages are of great value both at the work place and in social situations.

Having been in our camps in Spain, our students become aware of the importance of languages and place their trust on us to go one step further.

Therefore, we have selected what we consider to be the best learning centres in the United States. Their structure and organization is similar to that of Layos Camp as they guarantee safety, fun and learning. Students will learn English in an entertaining and dynamic way.

Pelayo de Gregorio Oriol is in charge of Layos Camp Internacional and is available to give detailed information on each camp. Layos Camp carries out each form, procedure and communication with the respective camp abroad. Pelayo accompanies the children from Madrid to the United States and back at the end of the camp.